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LED tape

LEDtape, also called LED strip, gives you great options to easily create adapted and tailored lighting and gives you a pleasant general lighting where you want it. LED tape can be used either as simple general lighting on a workbench (or similar) where traditional luminaires do not fit or as various forms of decorative lighting. It can be ceiling niches and gaps, behind a handrail or under an edge to illuminate architectural structures below, for example on a facade. All you have to do is unleash your creativity!

We offer a large range of dimmable LED tape and associated drivers from Welight and Tridonic, who are specialists in lighting components and system solutions. It gives you many opportunities to create modern and effective lighting.

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LEDtape – Flexible, easy to install, versatile

With LEDtape, you can create fantastic light environments both indoors and outdoors and illuminate linear building elements that can now be lit thanks to the fact that LED tape takes up so little space and is flexible. Use LEDtape as bench lighting, in cabinets or integrate lighting hidden in ceiling niches, under eaves, under handrails and railings, in the bookshelf, or behind a mirror that casts a glow on the wall behind.

The self-adhesive LED tape is easily cut to the desired length and is easy to install. You look at the markings on the tape where to cut it. Even the sections you cut off can be used, nothing needs to go to waste. On each section of the LED tape there is a marking with small contact inks, which allows you to connect the section and use it. You connect your LEDtape by using Welight quick connectors, which saves a lot of time, or by soldering the cables onto the LED tape. Our LED tape comes with differnt cutting lenghts depending on type of tape.

Since most of our LED tapes are self-cooling and do not emit much heat, it can be installed where you want space-saving lighting. It can, for example, be used as bench lighting, for lighting in niches, back lighting of signs, etc. LED tape is a light source that quickly provides an effective framing.

Important to consider with LEDtape

Consider mounting the LED tape so that you screen off the direct light from the light source for the eye and focus on illuminating your object. It is important to ensure that the light has something to hit, is directed towards the object and illuminates the intended object and does not create glare.

  • LED tape is used for hidden lighting of linear structures
  • Easy to cut to desired length
  • Long lifetime; up to 50 000 hours
  • Endless possibilities for customized lighting solutions

Control systems for LED from Tridonic

With dimmable LED lighting, you can create lighting exactly the way you want it and also vary the brightness depending on the surrounding light. With simple control systems from Tridonic, you can control the light via DALI or wirelessly in mesh networks with different light levels depending on the location and time of day. You can easily adjust the lighting control via an app on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

We have LEDtape that gives different lights; those that emit a warm white light (2700-3000 K), daylight white (4000 K) and really warm tones with DIM2WARM and adjustable color temperature with Tunable White or individual color calibration with RGB, which can be used to provide and control different colors.


What is LED tape and how do I mount it?

Led tape is a strip consisting of a bendable flexible circuit board on a roll with small interconnected LED light sources (LED diodes) placed at equal distances along the strip. On the back of the LED strip is a self-adhesive tape (3M) that you can use to attach the LED tape directly to the surface. In many cases, however, it is smart to mount the LED tape in an aluminum profile to simplify handling and mouniting.

The combination with an LEDtape mounted in an aluminum profile is often called an LED strip and it creates a robustness that ensures that the LED strip sticks well and that it stays in place, which means that the light is directed in the right direction.

With an aluminum profile, you can also mount a cover that is frosted or opal to get a more even light. The beam angle from an LED tape is normally 120 degrees. In combination with aluminum profile and a mounted frosted diffusion lens, the light diffusion can be concentrated to 60, 30 or 15 degrees.

LEDtape is delivered on a 5 meter roll and Welight LEDtape can be connected in series up to 10m. If you want a longer solution than 5 meters, the LED tapes can be connected in parallel to a driver. Then place the LED driver in the middle and connect 5m of LEDtape to the left and 5m to the right.

We offer LED tape already in a profile in a minimalist format with cabling ready for connection. You can find them here.

We also have customer-specific solutions with optional LEDtape from Welight mounted in an aluminum profile with diffusion lens, brackets, end caps, quick connectors, etc. in a concept we call Welight LEDLine. Please contact our support for more information and price examples.

You can see an overview of all Welight LEDtape accessories here.

Why LEDtape?

LED tape is the lighting of possibilities! The flexible LED tape allows you to modify and tailor the lighting as needed. It provides a good general lighting, while at the same time it can function as decorative lighting. By cutting the LED tape to the desired length, the creative possibilities are endless. In addition, LED lighting has a really long lifespan, up to 50,000 hours.

If you have any questions, ask us, we will be happy to help!


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