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DALI - for digital control of lighting

DALI is short for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, and is an open communication standard for digital lighting control. The lighting system requires a power supply and a BUS with two conductors for digital two-way communication between controllers and drivers.

A maximum of 64 addressable units can be connected to a DALI-BUS and these can be divided into 16 groups and 16 scenes through simple programming.

The benefits of DALI is that you can reprogram the lighting as needed without changing the physical installation and associated wiring.

This makes it easier for the iser to select preset lighting scenes by, for example, a simple push of a button.

In other words, the main advantage of DALI control is that the system provides a lighting control with great flexibility.

Flexible DALI controllers and sensors from Tridonic

Here at WLK you will find a complete range of products from Tridonic for installation and operation of digital lighting control.

This includes:

  • Routers with cloud service for controlling and monitoring multiple DALI circuits
  • Controllers and sensors to control the light manually or automatically
  • Touch panels for control of DALI groups, lighting scenes and dynamic lighting

Now DALI-2 is here

In DALI, multi master control is used, which means that a command can be sent from, for example, a pushbutton or a sensor directly to the driver.

In DALI-2, single master control is used instead. This means that a command from, for example, a pushbutton or sensor is sent to a so-called application controller that is required in all DALI-2 systems. The application controller takes all commands into accout and decides which command to send to the drivers.

  • Note that controllers and sensors between DALI and DALI-2 cannot be mixed in the same lighting system.
  • Note that all Tridonic drivers are compatible with both DALI and DALI-2

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