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Issue 11


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Tunable White is appreciated more and more, whether in human centric lighting or simply as a comfort feature. You can read here how we support you in using it in wall and ceiling luminaires. You will also find information on new products for emergency lighting.



Retail & Hospitality


Tunable White CLE PREMIUM Kit

Complete set for stepless white light colours
Precalibrated for premium quality


The CLE Tunable White LED module series has been designed for round wall and ceiling luminaires. With the new kit we are simplifying the application in large luminaires in particular. The system allows a colour temperature to be set between 3,000 and 6,000 K at constant luminous flux. This provides the luminaires with excellent quality of light and colour constancy (MacAdam 3) across the entire dimming range from 10 to 100 %.  more...


Driver LC 100 W C+SR EXCITE ready2mains

Simple installation
Flexible configuration


These cost-efficient LED Drivers provide the benefits of fixed-output devices, including simple installation without additional cabling or DALI addressing. We are now adding a 100 W version in a compact housing and with strain relief to the series.  more...


Engine CLE AC G2 220 mm ADVANCED

Emergency lighting integrated
Higher efficiency


Engine CLE AC G2, the second-generation compact module for wall and ceiling luminaires, features improved cooling and higher efficiency, and has been extended by a 220 mm version. You therefore get a system solution consisting of an LED module, LED Driver with integrated emergency lighting function and SWITCH sensor. Conventional bulkheads can be upgraded to LEDs using this module.  more...


Office & Education


Module LLE G4 16 mm ADVANCED

Greater efficiency
Less wiring


The LLE module series has been expanded to include a version measuring 560 mm, which makes it match the design of slim linear luminaires. This reduces the number of modules required and therefore also the amount of wiring.  more...


EM converterLED NiMH

Reduced standby power consumption
Only for NiMH batteries


We are extending the EM converterLED range specifically and only for NiMH batteries. It is designed to optimise the performance of NiMH batteries by using pulse charging technology. Must only be used with NiMH. NiCD batteries will be damaged.  more...


Think ahead

8 things you’ve always wanted to know about outdoor lighting but were afraid to ask. Is flicker a concern that you deal with frequently? Or do your interests lie in the realm of smart city development? Have you ever thought about 10 kV overvoltage protection? Or does your daily focus lie on saving energy and costs that go further than LED replacement?
You’ll find information on these topics and beyond on our new  microsite.


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